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Service and Specials

Bundled Service

Fluff and fold your laundry: $2.00 per pound, 10 pound minimum charge.

Bundled service, also called fluff loads, are garments that need to be washed and dried only with no pressing or dry cleaning involved. Garments are weighed by the pound, separated for color, and washed, dried and folded for you convenience. This is a great service for the busy mom or the college student who does not have time to do their laundry.

On Demand Pickup & Delivery

Bellevue Coin Laundry utilizes Door Dash to pick up and deliver your laundry… Simply click on “Start your order” to arrange pickup.


Bellevue Coin Laundry will wash, dry and fold comforters with the following prices:

Twin-$20, Full & Queen-$25 and King $30. All sizes of feather Comforters are $40.

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Remember you don’t need cash to wash and dry your clothes at Bellevue Coin Laundry because our machines also take debit and credit cards.

Bellevue Coin Laundry in Nashville, TN

Horse Blanket Cleaning

To Wash or Not to Wash?

First, follow your manufacturer’s directions. But if you’ve ever washed your horse blankets at home, you know that the residue of hair and dirt left in your washer takes two or more cycles just to clean the machine. Then, there’s that penetrating odor of wet horsehair left behind.

At Bellevue Coin Laundry in Nashville, we have a NEW large Speed Queen 100lb. front load washer that will accommodate the largest horse blankets you have. Don’t take a chance ruining your horse blankets or washer by using a home washer for your horse blankets. Using a larger front load washer at Bellevue Coin Laundry will save your washer at home, and you won’t have to deal with any horse hair remnants.

Nina Howie of Miller’s says it’s fine to wash her blankets, but “we recommend that you use commercial front-loading machines. Otherwise, agitators can damage linings and insulations.” She’s a proponent of Ivory Snow detergent, and she adds that “the stronger the detergent, the more likely you’ll degenerate the blanket’s protective coating.” She recommends dry cleaning only for more traditional wool blankets or coolers that are bought for show or for layering.


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