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Reviews / Testimonials

5 star ratingBeen here twice. No complaints. Clean with open washers and dryers. Will continue to drive out of my way to... View More Reviews

Emily S. Avatar
Emily S.

5 star ratingNew to the area. Needed to wash and dry a king-sized bed worth of comforter, sheets, mattress cover, everything. This... View More Reviews

Bob B. Avatar
Bob B.

Their drop-off service is wonderful! Employees are friendly, helpful, and professional. Price for drop-off is competitive for the market. Turn-around... View More Reviews

Jan Schuffman Avatar
Jan Schuffman

Friendly staff, very clean, nice big TVs if you get bored. I gave it 4/5 because despite my clothes... View More Reviews

Laila Fite Avatar
Laila Fite

As laundromats go, this one is my choice. Clean. Safe. TVs, plenty of all sizes with not... View More Reviews

Beverly White Avatar
Beverly White

This is the cleanest laundry Matt I have been to. The girl Aare’Anne is super sweet and patient. My brother... View More Reviews

JD Plays Avatar
JD Plays

5 star ratingChelsea and the other ladies are friendly and do a great job. I despise doing laundry , but I just... View More Reviews

Steven R. Avatar
Steven R.

5 star ratingWho reviews a laundry mat? ME!
When I needed to hit up a laundry mat, I was terrified and...
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Nate L. Avatar
Nate L.

5 star ratingThe place is clean and the manager is very helpful. They have several different size washers at different prices and... View More Reviews

Elle B. Avatar
Elle B.

5 star ratingChild returned from college with several baskets of laundry. Needed to do several loads. To save time, decided to... View More Reviews

Bill B. Avatar
Bill B.

4 star ratingThis place is very sleek and clean--both good qualities on a laundromat. I went there because my normal laundromat was... View More Reviews

Gwen B. Avatar
Gwen B.

5 star ratingA 5-star review for a laundry-mat? Yeah, when your washer breaks down and you're forced to do what... View More Reviews

Bob A. Avatar
Bob A.

5 star ratingVery clean place. Great service. Great machines and they take Apple Pay! Awesome. Plus, it's a one stop shop...

Bryan C. Avatar
Bryan C.

5 star ratingThe people who run it are so nice.
They washed and folded our laundry.
Some of our shirts were put on hangers.
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Karen N. Avatar
Karen N.

4 star ratingOther positive reviews are right on the money, great clean laundromat with variety of machines that were all working, all... View More Reviews

Rob K. Avatar
Rob K.

4 star ratingThis place is very clean and has lots of washers and dryers of various sizes. The large dryer gets my... View More Reviews

Shirley H. Avatar
Shirley H.

5 star ratingThis is the best business I do anything with. Not an exaggeration. I love the people -- friendly... View More Reviews

Graeme D. Avatar
Graeme D.

5 star ratingThis is the absolute best laundromat in town. Tons of different sizes of washing machines, all with card swipers. The... View More Reviews

Isabel T. Avatar
Isabel T.

5 star ratingI have been here a few times to wash my small area rugs. I've never had the thought to... View More Reviews

Judy Y. Avatar
Judy Y.

5 star ratingSo clean, great wifi, credit card payment machines, the staff was so very pleasant. They knew customers and children by name.

Joseph M. Avatar
Joseph M.

5 star ratingNeeded to use a laundromat while waiting to close on a new house. This is the CLEANEST one I've... View More Reviews

Dorain D. Avatar
Dorain D.

5 star ratingI drive a half an hour just to come to this laundry mat. Its clean, has free wi-fi and has... View More Reviews

Lady T. Avatar
Lady T.

5 star ratingClean. A variety of machine types and sizes. I appreciate especially being able to choose heat settings on the dryers.... View More Reviews

Joyce D. Avatar
Joyce D.

5 star ratingVery clean laundromat with several different size washers for your specific needs. Stocked to the nines with anything you could... View More Reviews

Melanie L. Avatar
Melanie L.

5 star ratingI had a good experience here. The machines were plentiful and clean and I was able to get my... View More Reviews

Jenna S. Avatar
Jenna S.

5 star ratingMy washer broke about 2 years ago and I found this laundromat and loved it. Now I'm back because the... View More Reviews

Dava B. Avatar
Dava B.

4 star ratingThis place is a catch 22. It's a little cramped inside to begin with & if you do laundry on... View More Reviews

Cody R. Avatar
Cody R.

5 star ratingI've not been in a laundry mat in a long time & I'm glad to say this one rocks. Clean,... View More Reviews

Mistye A. Avatar
Mistye A.

5 star ratingThis place is awesome!!! Came all the way from downtown nashville to wash some sheets and pillow cases!! Very... View More Reviews

Kevin J. Avatar
Kevin J.

5 star ratingI know, five stars for a laundromat might seem a little weird. But this is a really good laundromat.... View More Reviews

Cassie S. Avatar
Cassie S.

5 star ratingLove this laundry mat in my neighborhood! This is one of the nicest laundry facilities I have been to. All... View More Reviews

Ebony Da'na C. Avatar
Ebony Da'na C.


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Open 7 Days A Week
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