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Reviews / Testimonials

dawn cooper Avatar
Clean, air-conditioned, and efficiently allows the use of credit cards.
dawn cooper 9/05/2023
Beverly Dalton-Hockett Avatar
Super clean environment, dryer get super warm, some what entertainment only down fall not wheelchair friendly. Other than that great place
Beverly Dalton-Hockett 8/19/2023
Jose A Alvarado Avatar
This place is good and clean
Jose A Alvarado 7/29/2023
Doneisha Walker Avatar
dryers get really hot !
Doneisha Walker 6/30/2023
Frank Campbell Avatar
Bellevue Coin Laundry rules!!! It should be a franchise. They are simply better than everyone else. Period.
Frank Campbell 5/08/2023
Amanda Myers- Pacheco Avatar
always clean and nice staff
Amanda Myers- Pacheco 3/08/2023
Casper Austin Avatar
Casper Austin 3/08/2023
Laura Chatham Avatar
Lots of machines, very clean, a nice sized laundromat, and all machines use credit or debit cards.
Laura Chatham 3/01/2023
Rodrigo Hernandez Avatar
Muy limpio y agradable
Rodrigo Hernandez 2/15/2023
Margie Sweeney Avatar
The best!!
Margie Sweeney 12/24/2022
Julia W. Avatar
4 star rating This place was awesome! I'm learning to adult and got backed up on wash and they got a bunch of... View More Reviews
Julia W. 8/15/2022
Emily S. Avatar
5 star rating Been here twice. No complaints. Clean with open washers and dryers. Will continue to drive out of my way to... View More Reviews
Emily S. 6/12/2022
Bob B. Avatar
5 star rating New to the area. Needed to wash and dry a king-sized bed worth of comforter, sheets, mattress cover, everything. This... View More Reviews
Bob B. 5/24/2022
Jan Schuffman Avatar
Their drop-off service is wonderful! Employees are friendly, helpful, and professional. Price for drop-off is competitive for the market. Turn-around... View More Reviews
Jan Schuffman 3/03/2022
Laila Fite Avatar
Friendly staff, very clean, nice big TVs if you get bored. I gave it 4/5 because despite my clothes... View More Reviews
Laila Fite 2/17/2022
Beverly White Avatar
As laundromats go, this one is my choice. Clean. Safe. TVs, plenty of all sizes with not... View More Reviews
Beverly White 2/10/2022
JD Plays Avatar
This is the cleanest laundry Matt I have been to. The girl Aare’Anne is super sweet and patient. My brother... View More Reviews
JD Plays 2/10/2022
Steven R. Avatar
5 star rating Chelsea and the other ladies are friendly and do a great job. I despise doing laundry , but I just... View More Reviews
Steven R. 11/13/2021
Nate L. Avatar
5 star rating Who reviews a laundry mat? ME!
When I needed to hit up a laundry mat, I was terrified and...
View More Reviews
Nate L. 4/19/2021
Elle B. Avatar
5 star rating The place is clean and the manager is very helpful. They have several different size washers at different prices and... View More Reviews
Elle B. 9/22/2020
Bill B. Avatar
5 star rating Child returned from college with several baskets of laundry. Needed to do several loads. To save time, decided to... View More Reviews
Bill B. 4/26/2020
Gwen B. Avatar
4 star rating This place is very sleek and clean--both good qualities on a laundromat. I went there because my normal laundromat was... View More Reviews
Gwen B. 12/14/2019
Bob A. Avatar
5 star rating A 5-star review for a laundry-mat? Yeah, when your washer breaks down and you're forced to do what... View More Reviews
Bob A. 9/15/2019
Bryan C. Avatar
5 star rating Very clean place. Great service. Great machines and they take Apple Pay! Awesome. Plus, it's a one stop shop...
Bryan C. 8/04/2019
Karen N. Avatar
5 star rating The people who run it are so nice.
They washed and folded our laundry.
Some of our shirts were put on hangers.
View More Reviews
Karen N. 1/18/2019
Rob K. Avatar
4 star rating Other positive reviews are right on the money, great clean laundromat with variety of machines that were all working, all... View More Reviews
Rob K. 6/01/2018
Shirley H. Avatar
4 star rating This place is very clean and has lots of washers and dryers of various sizes. The large dryer gets my... View More Reviews
Shirley H. 7/29/2017
Graeme D. Avatar
5 star rating This is the best business I do anything with. Not an exaggeration. I love the people -- friendly... View More Reviews
Graeme D. 7/02/2017
Isabel T. Avatar
5 star rating This is the absolute best laundromat in town. Tons of different sizes of washing machines, all with card swipers. The... View More Reviews
Isabel T. 3/26/2017
Judy Y. Avatar
5 star rating I have been here a few times to wash my small area rugs. I've never had the thought to... View More Reviews
Judy Y. 1/06/2017
Joseph M. Avatar
5 star rating So clean, great wifi, credit card payment machines, the staff was so very pleasant. They knew customers and children by name.
Joseph M. 10/07/2016
Dorain D. Avatar
5 star rating Needed to use a laundromat while waiting to close on a new house. This is the CLEANEST one I've... View More Reviews
Dorain D. 7/24/2016
Lady T. Avatar
5 star rating I drive a half an hour just to come to this laundry mat. Its clean, has free wi-fi and has... View More Reviews
Lady T. 3/26/2016
Joyce D. Avatar
5 star rating Clean. A variety of machine types and sizes. I appreciate especially being able to choose heat settings on the dryers.... View More Reviews
Joyce D. 2/21/2016
Melanie L. Avatar
5 star rating Very clean laundromat with several different size washers for your specific needs. Stocked to the nines with anything you could... View More Reviews
Melanie L. 1/03/2016
Jenna S. Avatar
5 star rating I had a good experience here. The machines were plentiful and clean and I was able to get my... View More Reviews
Jenna S. 12/30/2015
Dava B. Avatar
5 star rating My washer broke about 2 years ago and I found this laundromat and loved it. Now I'm back because the... View More Reviews
Dava B. 6/02/2015
Cody R. Avatar
4 star rating This place is a catch 22. It's a little cramped inside to begin with & if you do laundry on... View More Reviews
Cody R. 3/21/2015
Mistye A. Avatar
5 star rating I've not been in a laundry mat in a long time & I'm glad to say this one rocks. Clean,... View More Reviews
Mistye A. 11/02/2014
Kevin J. Avatar
5 star rating This place is awesome!!! Came all the way from downtown nashville to wash some sheets and pillow cases!! Very... View More Reviews
Kevin J. 5/12/2014


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